The Magister

Master of the Horse, Master of the House


The King’s second-in-command; a minor noble and professional problem-solver.

30w zh l6

High Concept: Master of the Horse & House
Trouble: Addicted to Victory


+4 Will

+3 Resources, Lore

+2 Fight, Notice, Ride

+1 Rapport, Crafts , Contacts, Physique, Athletics, Rapport

Master of the Horse & House
Addicted to Victory
Where Better Men Have Failed
Honest Heart
First on the Scene

Phase Trio
The Magister’s wife, The Contessa, was kidnapped by a local rogue when the Magister, in his arrogance, let him roam free. (?) The Magister took the matter personally, and The Magister had to give up his comfortable job in the Royal Army to pursue her, becoming the “Magister Equum,” or the Master of the Horse. Though he rescued her, it was not without cost; she has become estranged and the Magister has an unyielding taste for victory.

Phase 1 Aspect: Where Better Men Have Failed

When Tammy (played by the illustrious Emily Fuseck [‘Spring Breakers, Harvest, Slenderman: The Movie] finds the scent of other fey creatures, it’s all hands on deck as she tries to race there before the dastardly Royal Magister (played by Jeremy Wong, [50 Shades of Grey: The Musical, Orcs!, Red Hand of Doom] gets assigned to the case. Can Tammy crack the secrets of her own origin? Or will the Magster thwart her quest for enlightenment?®

Aspect: Honest Heart “The Fog and Filthy Air” (126 minutes, R)

John Corsair (played by Jon Designer, [‘Cosmic Chalice,’ ‘Grand Theft Auto: Nice City,’ ‘Alvin & The Chipmunks; The Squeakqual’, ‘Matchstick Men’) is, true to his name, a corsair. The opportunity to clear his name and regain a boatoad of gold arises when a local duchess, suspecting that her “loyal” escorts planned to sabotage and kill her.
Before John can grab the gold or grab the girl, a vicious storm leaves him co-reliant on his sometimes-hunter, The Magister. Can John escape with …. fuck it it gets cut off here.®

Aspect: First on the Scene


Tunnel Vision: Can use Will to make attacks, but not if outnumbered.

The Right of Privelege: Get a +2 to Rapport when dealing with fellow nobles or attending noble functions.

“Eagle Eye” – Get +2 to notice threats to others, but not myself.


The Magister

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