BEYOND HERE LIES NOTHING reads the inscription on the Gate to Gaintold Strait. Beyond that point the laws of Gods and Men mean nothing. Once your ship has slipped through the gate there is no law but survival of the fittest. The King’s navy cannot patrol the entire area. Pirates raid ships under the red flag of no quarter. Now however, advances in naval technology have allowed ships to make trips far afield of the continent. Sailors return with tales of pirate dens and savage peoples. The stories of sirens that call ships to their final death, true though they may be, are no longer enough to keep those sworn to King Boaz Adaer, first of His name from reaching for land and power on the open sea. Minor houses seek to grow, while the major houses settle on the brink of war to prevent their being toppled, mutineers seek a life unbound to the oar, free of their sentences in new lands and agents of His Majesty are dispatched to bring civilization to His rightful inheritance.

Now, as the King seeks to extend His authority over all the known world, technology is advancing and the stars are in Flux. The end of an Era is upon us.

Beyond Here Lies Nothing

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