Toying With Arrogance

Toying with arrogance

Name: Toying with Arrogance
Hull: Black
Sails: Red
Device: Winged serpent
Figurehead: Winged serpent

Plague of the Sea

Devastating Broadside: For a Fate Point, when a PC uses a Shoot Action to broadside an opposing ship, that ship must succeed on a Great (+4) Sail check to take a Sail action.

Captain: Tamatyrus Dremal
First Mate and Purser: Jon Corsair
Boatswain: Odin (of House Levas)
Pilot: Scout deceased
Surgeon: Scratch the Sawbones
Carpenter: Emory Wright
Cook: Karl Salt

Able Seamen:
Silent Bill
Skylark Tom Proudhome
Gordon Fletcher
Mad Jack Quisling
Giancarlo Rossetti
Hugo Brass
Gustav Chickering
One-Eyed Lysander Mews
Vargas the Hatchet deceased
Jacobi Knox
Keller the Brute
Seax Zar

Toying With Arrogance

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