Story Points

Players can acquire points that their PCs to spend to affect game play. They work to purchase additional FATE points. These points are to encourage out of character participation. You can redeem points at a conversion rate of 3 Story Points to 1 FATE Point once per session. Points are gained by the following:

Character Creation (Fluff, not Crunch) 2 Points
Including a Major NPC option (rival, sibling, hero, etc.) in your backstory 1 Point
Written pieces (Adventure logs, etc.) 1 Point
Forum RPing 1 Point
Stock pieces of artwork (For NPCs, locations, etc.) .5 Point
Fluff quotes for pages (1/page) (NPCs, locations, etc.) .5 Point

Submit artwork by emailing it to me. You can, of course, just insert quotes from your character but let me know when you’ve done so to get credit. I follow the RSS feed for the campaign, so I should catch everything, but you can email me to be sure if you want.

NPC art should be 260×260

Name Story Points
Jon Corsair (Jonathan Holyoake) 4.5
Tamatyrus Dremal 2
The Magister 2.5

Art for any NPC, location or Ship without art.
Art for the Mark of each patron without art here.
Banners for each House here.

Story Points

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