Tamatyrus Dremal


Name: Captain Tamatyrus Dremal of the Toying with Arrogance
Nickname: “Tammy,” or “Tama-tyrant”

High Concept
Infamous Pirate Captain (Searching for Others of Her Kind)

A Nymph’s Charm

Mark of the Dragon (below)
Danger is my Middle Name
Someone Always Pays

Spells (from Mark)
Walking With Storms: The mood of a town (or similar sized locale) is what you want it to be.
Crown of Menace: You are too terrifying to attack. Until you make a physical attack in a scene, characters with a Will lower than Good (+3) simply cannot attack you. Those with sufficient Will to attack still flinch on their first attack, automatically missing.

+4: Rapport
+3: Fight, Sail
+2: Contacts, Shoot, Lore
+1: Provoke, Athletics, Resources, Will, Physique

A Little Bat of the Lashes: +2 to Rapport with people attracted to her gender when attempting to enlist their aid.
My Reputation Precedes Me: Use Rapport instead of Provoke when trying to intimidate others.

Toying With Arrogance


She has raided from Stonesage to Wakesword, from Wooden Point to Kraken’s Keep, flying the red flag of no surrender. Merchants and other pirates flee before the black hull of Toying With Arrogance, and even Levas men have been known to beat a hasty retreat before the winged serpent of her sails. She’s been past the Sea of Nothing to the Wild Beyond and lived to tell the tale.

She’s an escaped convict, a princess from another land, or a fugitive that lost everything and wants it back. A slave, a goddess, a vindictive soul.

Some say she’s a demon with a forked tongue and a pair of leathery wings that let her flit from ship to ship ahead of her own, slitting the throats of captains in their sleep so her crew of mongrels have an easier time of it. They say she bathes in infants blood to keep her young. They say Hell itself couldn’t contain her and spat her back out to inflict misery upon the seafaring world.

Some say she’s a mermaid that grew legs for love. They say every month on the night with no moon she must return to the sea lest she find herself permanently trapped on land. They say she consorts with sharks, krakens, and all other manner of foul beasts found beneath the cover of waves. They say that when she rages the oceans of the world rage with her.

Others say she’s a witch, binding men to her cause with her womanly parts. They say she has a lover in every port, three aboard the Arrogance, that she has lain with squid and giants and no mortal man can satisfy her now. She chants in strange tongues and offers live sacrifice to her bloodthirsty gods in the form of women and children. They say sparks shoot from the tips of her fingers, she can set fires with a word, and a click of her heels will slay a man where he stands.

Everyone agrees that she’s a monster.

Wooden Point
East Farhold
The New World

Tamatyrus Dremal

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