Helena Holyoake

Countess of the Barony of Reevesport


Helena Holyoake is the younger sister of Jonathan Holyoake, Warden of the Holyoake Forest and Countess of Reevesport. She is married to Grigori Ratskeller but as the Holyoakes practice equal, cognatic primogeniture she has retained her own name and rules in her own right from the family hall of Orchard Lake. She has two daughters, Fela and Lyssa. She has a reputation for thrift and good stewardship. Helena is considered one of the most beautiful noblewomen of the Redshore and the competition for her hand in marriage was fierce. She is twenty-two years of age.

Quotes about Helena:

“The best thing I ever did for my family was take to sea after the duel. Helena has my father’s chivalry and stubbornness, my mother’s beauty and brilliance and just enough of her older brother’s pride and wit. She’s a finer ruler than I ever would have been.” —Jon Corsair (Jonathan Holyoake)

Helena Holyoake

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